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The "Dogs For U" finca is near the town of Inca - Mallorca. At the moment I am living there with
eight german shepherds and three little doggies of the german animal protect organisation
"Fussel & Friends". F & F are always parking their dogs here for a short time, until they're going
well prepared on the flight to Germany.
We can offer you our guest house with 60 m2 living space for holiday vacations with your
dog(s). The house has two sleeping rooms, one living room with TV, kitchen, one bathroom and a big terrace. By the house is a 3,50 x 7,00 m swimming pool. We have possibilities to walk
the dogs outside and if you like you can ride on two well educated horses in the paddock or make an excursion. If any health problems with your pet would arise, a
competent veterinary clinic is just five minutes away.
If you are interested in making holidays in Mallorca with your dog, don't hesitate to contact us.

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